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Back so soon? Today we look at the results of Nordlingen, how France justified war and how Sweden and the Dutch tried to hold on despite the new Imperial onslaught. Thanksss!

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Hello folks! Today we look at the situation in Europe following the death of Gustavus; Axe Ox's plans for Germany and the increasing comebacks of the Habsburgs. Thankssss

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Today we look at Gustavus' legend, imperial goings on and many other issues, as well as the diplomacy you all know and love. Take a bite of me and enojoy!

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History friends! Great to be back with our second double batch 3 weeks later. Today we examine the diplomacy like never before; everyone gets a look in, so sit back and relax as everyone talks very nicely for selfish reasons. Thanksss

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Part Two of 25.5 looks at Ferdinand's 'fruits of victory' within the HRE: the Edict of Restitution and the problems it was soon to pose. We then examine the changing diplomatic and strategic situation for the Habsburgs, and outline how the Dutch managed to reverse their fortunes. Thankssss.

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We're back in two parts! An even more ridiculously long title than before means that you're in for a good one as well! So sit back and relax as we look today at the machinations of Fredrick, who was still very much active from the Hague, while the Danes FINALLY make a move, and generalissimo Wallenstein emerges from Ferdinand's sleevey ace thing! Check it out! Thanksssss

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Surprise! Sean joins me for a TALK episode as we run through Europe's pressing issues up to around 1625. Take it for a spin if you want to fill in the gaps and revise in time for the heavy hitters coming your way soon! Thankssss

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Wow it's great to be back! Here we bring you up to speed on the years that would make the 30 years war; the building blocks of the conflict if you will! We see a Winter King, a broken Truce and a worsening geopolitical situation that Ferdinand in particular is getting ready to chow down on. Thanks (ssssssssssss).

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And we're back with part 4 of the 30 years war special! This time we look at the apparent cause of the war, at least in the beginning. We look at Bohemia, a lovely place, generally, and then analyse Freddy's decision to accept the crown of Bohemia, as well as Ferdinand's general mean-ness. Take a look!

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Welcome to the long awaited third installment of the TYW special! Today we look at Scandinavia and the history of that region; what it meant for the rest of Europe and how Europe saw it. We also look at the truce between the Dutch and Spanish, the regency of Marie de Medici and Spain's Italian preoccupations. Check us out!

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An insanely long title means it's time to (historically) party! So join me for the second part of our special as I delve into the crazy world of the HRE, the Poles, the Ottomans and more! Thanksssss!

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With a longer title than the war itself, we are finally here with the first of nine parts on the 30 Years War!!! I am very excited, so join me as we look at the rebuilding of France, the failures of Liz' fightback policies, the war within Ireland and much more! Thanksssss!

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Hello history friends, here we are at last to cover the next aspect of our 16th century narrative: the Spanish Armada. Think you know the story? Have a listen, you may surprise yourself. Today we are packed with the kind of diplomacy you love so what are you waiting for? Make like a 16th century monarch and take what you want! Also, keep your ears peeled for a special guest, never before seen on WDF before! Thanksssss

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Here we are in Greece! This time we look at the worsening diplomatic and social situation that led to the Greek war for indepedence and the general international concerns over what Russia was doing in the world. Take a look and let me know what you thought!
Also thanks to Ben Ashwell for the intro; check out his podcast on the Italian Unification (his brother is in it too) by searching him in iTunes or Google or visiting his website talkinghistorypodcast.com

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SUCCESS! Welcome to the suplementary TALK episode on the Dutch Revolt that myself and my often present host Sean did on a rare sunny day. We hope you enjoy the ins and outs of the detail we go into, let us know what you thought as always! Thanksssss

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Hello history friends, and welcome to the wonderful story of the Dutch. At times it can get a tad confusing, but in terms of significant events in Medieval Europe there's few that come close to the importance of this little grouping of provinces. Settle down and relax, as I take you through a land and story that has beena long time coming on this podcast for a long time. Thanksssss!

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Welcome to WDF! Our new season starts here, with another war you're likely unaware of, but that is more than likely to tickle your diplomatic fancies. Herein lies the tale of Pope Julius II, ridiculous friend swapping and some other ground in between. Let me know what you think, and welcome back! Thankssss!

Direct download: Ep21-_War_of_Cambrai.mp3
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Welcome back history friends, as I introduce you to a new season in WDF. Got some important info for you here, and some pretty exciting news too. Have a listen to find out what's what and why. See you soon!

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Welcome history friends, to the FINAL episode on WW1, episode 20.99 (that's right I ran out of numbers) TALK. This time Sean and I run through pretty much everything in World War One, in my desperate attempt to cram 3 months of goodness into one episode, hence the previously unheard of length. However, I do feel it's worth it, and I hope you'll agree. It was the longest TALK episode ever, but dare I say it it was also the best, and the prefect way to conclude this saga of a special that has taken on a life of its own over the past 3 months. So here's to that journey and cheers for sharing your time with me! A lot of work went into this episode folks, so sit back, relax, and soak in the historical banter shared by two best friends. Thanks again for the help mate, and thankssss very much to you also guys. Enjoy!

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Category:History -- posted at: 1:31 AM

Welcome back history friends, to the final solo episode on WW1: 1918. We look at the Duo's ever increasing monopoly on all things German, and the diplomacy that brought Russia down, as well as the final German offensive of the war. Hope you enjoy it guys, and thanksssss for being a part of this special!

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Welcome friends of history, to 1917 in World War One. This time we cover Passchendaele, America and Russia, as well as the juicy diplomatic bits in between. Hope you enjoy it and perhaps even learn something new too! Also, stick around at the end for some wonderfully nostalgic music. You won't regret it. Thanksssss!

Direct download: Ep20point8-_1917.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 12:52 AM

Hello again, and welcome to 1916. We've got a lot to cover today, and we zip all over what was by 1916 a very global war, so come and join us already! Apologies for the cold, I'm practicing my sexy voice. Thankssss!

Direct download: Ep20point7-_1916.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 10:41 PM

Welcome to the special, today we examine a ton of angles surrounding WW1 in 1915; expect to see some Gallipoli and some ships and some Germans and some Americans. I will give nothing away! Let me know what you thought, thankssss!

Direct download: Ep20point6-_1915.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 12:27 AM

Here we ACTUALLY are, apologies for that glitch, welcome to the wonderful world of post July crisis, where we look at the opening salvos of the war that was meant to be over before the leaves fall and all that. Thanksss!

Direct download: Ep20point5-_Over_Before_Christmas.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 12:51 AM

And here we are! In this episode are the ridiculous people that are responsible for the bloodiest century in human history, so be sure to thank them, as you listen to diplomacy failing miserably. Thanksss.

Direct download: Ep20point4-_1914_July_Crisis2.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 8:16 PM

Here we are with part 3/9! Today we jump all over the world, first to Morocco, then the Balkans, then Morocco and then the Balkans again! So just two places really...but still fascinating in its impact on what would soon become the great war. Thanksssss

Direct download: Ep20point3-_1906-1913.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 11:53 PM

And we're back! Speeding back into your ears is the second part of my WW1 special, so I hope you enjoy it. This time we look at German naval plans (way more interesting than it sounds) Germany's plans for America, Britain's dilemma in Europe and the usual messy sidenotes that go with it. Please let me know what you thought!

Direct download: Ep20point2-_1896-1805.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 12:59 AM

Welcome all! Thanks for stopping by, for the first of nine episodes on the first world war. Instead of reflecting on the mammoth tusk (get it?) in front of me, I intead march on with international diplomacy across the world, as well as covering Bismarck's final days as the head of Germany. Give it a listen, and as usual comments or feedback are all welcomed! Lets get this war started! Thanksssss!

Direct download: Ep20point1-_1886-1895.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 11:55 PM

Welcome to a new chapter in When Diplomacy Fails. We've come a long way you and I, and this here is my chance to make a few announcements and break us into a new year and a new era of WDF. Thanks(sssssssss).

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Hello and happy holidays, I somehow managed to squeeze this in just before crimbo and just after my exams- you should all be proud. Today we look at Italy and Ethiopia in 1895 and what the war meant for all involved, as well as some other European stuff that is immensly absorbing. Thanksss and merry christmas!

Direct download: Ep19-_First_Italo-Ethiopian_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 11:08 PM

Pull up a chair and have a listen, as WDF takes you into the minds of the Russians and Turks who fought each other yet again in the 1877 war. It intertwines nicely with our current flow of storytelling (BISMARCK!) so I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

Direct download: Ep18-_Russo-Turkish_War_Audio.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 9:12 PM

Welcome history friends, have a listen to Sean and I answer the questions put forward by you, as we celebrate the 6 month birthday of WDF! We cover a wide range of topics, some of them critically important, others...well, you'll have to listen to find out. We hope you enjoy it!

Direct download: Ep-6_Month_Anniversary.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 6:13 PM

Welcome all, this time we dive into the A-P War of 1866 and all the wonderful diplomatic delights that spin off from it. Please join me! Also, look out for the not so subtle 'Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles' rendition sometime in the episode. Hey it's a catchy tune, what can I say? Let me know what you thought history friends, thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Direct download: Ep17-Austro-Prussian_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 10:51 PM

Welcome back to WDF! After a short break imposed upon me by college, I am back with a vengeance! We cover today the Indian revolt that took place in 1857. It's quite the story, and I go into a history of the East India Company, as well as cover the background the British psyche. Check it out!

Direct download: Ep16-_The_Indian_Revolt_of_1857.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 2:45 PM

The Boxer Rebellion is not a rebellion, and it has nothing to do with boxing, or people that box. However, it is absolutely fascinating, so take a look! I cover the main gripes of the Chinese at this time, and look at why the Boxers were able to rise as quickly as they did. Lemme know what you thought history friends! 

Direct download: Ep15-_The_Boxer_Rebellion_Audio.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 5:34 PM

FINALLY! I know it's been a while, but I have just been so busy with them darn Boxers that I haven't had time to do this. Sean and I talk all things War and 1812, as best as we can. We were a bit tired, just a bit. Give it a go and send me some feedback!

Direct download: Ep14point5-_TALK_War_of_1812.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 11:12 PM

This week we look at the 'Forgotten War', that of the less well known but fascinating conflict between America and Britain in 1812. The name of the war isn't exactly inspired, but don't be put off! There's plenty here for everyone, so have a listen now, and let me know what you thought!

Direct download: Ep14-_The_War_of_1812_Audio.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 9:36 PM

Long time no see! This time Sean and I jump straight into to land of the Boers; we dicuss the campaign, the peoples, the struggles and more, so give it a listen and let us know what you thought!

Direct download: Ep13point5-_TALK_Boer_War_Audio.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 8:09 PM

Hello and welcome to the Boer War! Today we look in detail at Germany's opinion of the Boers, who the Boers were, Queen Vicki and plenty of other fun stuff! It's a good one, full of diplomatic twists and turns and the usual imperialistic brilliance. Give it a listen and let me know what you though! Cheers friends.

Direct download: Ep13-_Boer_War_Audio.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 11:01 PM

Take a while to sit back and relax, as Sean joins me for another TALK episode; this time on the Crimean War! We cover the states involved in the war, examine whether it could have become a world war and speculate fantastically about Prussia, give it a go!

Direct download: Ep12point5-TALK_Crimean_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 11:41 PM

Welcome, please have a seat! Today we talk about the Crimean War of 1853-56; it involves a lot of incompetance, gore and other fun stuff, so please give it a listen and let me know what you thought! Expect a TALK episode to follow, thanks!

Direct download: Ep12-The_Crimean_War_Audio.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 11:56 AM

After a small break, we return with a bang in the form of the 1846-48 war between Mexico and America. It is quite the story! Texas gets looked into, as does Santa Anna, as does Tabasco, so check it out! I also have some pretty exciting news for you all AND a new BEFIT reminder. What more could you possibly want? You are so very welcome my history friends!

Direct download: Ep11-Mexican-American_War_Audio.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 3:52 PM

FINALLY! As I'm sure you've noticed this one is massive, so jump right in to the world of Boney today! In this episode we look at the years 1798-1815, so that should give you an idea as to why it's so long! I hope you enjoy it, I myself am very much ready for a break! Thanks guys.

Direct download: Ep10-Napoleonic_Audio_Part_2.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 12:17 PM

Another outrageous title means it's time for another episode! This time Sean joins me on the podcast to talk about his fantastic family history which includes; the Irish Legion, invincable Captains and a hard to pronounce and spell battle! Hope you enjoy it let me know what you thought!

Direct download: Ep105-Wars_against_the_French.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 2:19 PM

Yes that is along title, but never mind that; you should be excited that we are now into our first of a two part special on the French Revolutionary/Napoleonic Wars. In this episode, we'll cover the years 1787-1797 which includes; diplomatic dancing, Robby's favourite razor, Napoleon's entry onto the scene and a bit of revolutionary war thrown in too. I hope you enjoy it, be sure to let me know! 

Direct download: Ep10-Napoleonic_Audio_Part_1.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 5:31 PM

Never heard of this war? Take a seat my friends; this war is another essential piece of the 18th century war pie that everyone in Europe wanted a slice of. It contains the return of everyone's favourite Polish pretender in Stan, some of Eugene and even a bit of Villars too. Enjoy, and please let me know what you thought!

Direct download: Ep9-War_of_the_Polish_Succession_Audio.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:49 PM

I know, I know, I said before I wouldn't do this war, but listen here you; it really does make sense so that I can set the scene for what I have planned in the coming weeks. So, this episode contains hopefully some stuff you didn't know about the AR. For example, did you know there was a third European power at war with Britain while it fought America (so not just SPain and France). Or that some of the alternatives to independence involved ideas such as dominion status? You didn't? Well, there you go then! Have a listen, enjoy and let me know what you thought!

Direct download: Ep8-_The_American_Revolution_Audio.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:11 AM

Hello and welcome! The GNW is a fascinating war in European history, so don't be put off if you've never heard of it before. Also, I apologise for it being a long one, I promise if you have the patience it's well worth it! Sweden versus everyone...enjoy!

Direct download: Ep7-Great_Northern_War_audio.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 7:47 PM

Hello my friends, this week we look at the 1702-14 conflict fought in Europe over the Spanish crown. Expect lots of Louis, Churchill (not that Churchill) and a bit of Eugene of Savoy on the side. Hope you enjoy it, be sure to let me know what you thought!

Direct download: Ep6-War_of_the_Spanish_Succession_Script.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:18 PM

I'm joined on the podcast by my ever present guest Sean this week and we talk about a range of topics in the Seven Years War including Peter III, Dutch neutrality and how Prussia overcame the odds. Among other things of course. We hope you enjoy the history related banter!

Direct download: Ep5point5-TALK_The_Seven_Years_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 1:05 PM

Hello history friends, welcome to episode 5! Today I'll be covering the Seven Years War which raged from 1756-1763 and pulled in practically all the nations of Europe into a war of massive proportions. It's a long one this week, but it's well worth listening to if you have the patience. I promise, I've been working on my excited voice. Enjoy!

Direct download: EP5-The_Seven_Years_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 8:22 PM

Sorry about the delay this time guys, had some issues I had to sort out this past week. So episode 4, what's in the box? Well, I talk about the state of Spain in the late 19th century, America's worldwide plans and the hilarious story of Guam. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you thought and remember: BEFIT! Thanks.

Direct download: EP4The_Spanish_American_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 10:27 PM

Another TALK discussion episode from me to you. In this episode Sean and I talk about Zasulitch's stupidity, why China was so bad and other country's perception of the war at that time...among other things. We both hope you enjoy the witty banter! Remember to let me know what you all thought about it!

Direct download: EP3point5-_TALK_The_Russo-Japanese_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 7:48 PM

This week we look at the 1904-05 war between a young Japan and a massive Russia. I talk about some interesting Japanese history, Russia's greatest defeats and I put on a fantastic Russian accent. Trust me. Thanks to all of you for your support, hope you enjoy this one. Be sure to let me know what you thought!

Direct download: EP3-_The_Russo-Japanese_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 4:15 PM

Hey guys, welcome to the wonderful world of Hannibal! In this episode, expect to hear just how often and effectively Hannibal owned the Romans in battle, only to eventually lose the war. I expose my nerdiness; yes I love Rome: Total War, so go and play it if you haven't already! And then I talk about Roman strategy and Varro's...stupidity. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Direct download: EP2_2nd_Punic_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 9:21 PM

Hey guys, this is a supplementary episode for the Franco-Prussian War that I love so much. I'm joined on the podcast by my very good friend Sean and we have a fantastic discussion about European affairs, Bismarck's awesomeness and Prussia's railroads, among other things. This is the very first in my series of TALK podcasts and is my attempt to break the situation down for you and make the topic as a whole a bit more interesting. Speaking of interesting, see if you can count how many times the word 'interesting' is used in this podcast... 

Direct download: WDF_FP_War_Discussion.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 12:07 PM

Hey guys, welcome to the first official episode of When Diplomacy Fails. Since it's my first, I decided to celebrate by talking about my favourite period in history: The Franco-Prussian War! It's got a fantastic amount of diplomacy inside, you'll get to hear about Bismarck owning Napoleon's nephew and about where it all went wrong for France. What's not to love? Well, my pronounciation for one. Sorry about that, I hope I didn't offend any German-sensitive ears with my ignorance... Please give it a listen and let me know what you think! 

Direct download: EP1_Franco-Prussian_War.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 11:10 PM

Hey guys, this week's episode is the same one from David Crowther's History of England that he let me use for episode 61a (27/5) of the podcast, if you missed the episode where I talked about Bannockburn then you're in luck; here it is! If you have heard it before, then why not listen again? It's free after all, store it in your library and save it for later!

Direct download: EP_Bannockburn_not_HoE.mp3
Category:History -- posted at: 3:40 PM

Hello world! Welcome to the very first episode of When Diplomacy Fails, technically it's not the very first but oh well. This week, I'm just introducing myself and explaining my plans for this podcast. Please subscribe for future historical fun. See what I did there?

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