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Hello history friends, welcome to episode 5! Today I'll be covering the Seven Years War which raged from 1756-1763 and pulled in practically all the nations of Europe into a war of massive proportions. It's a long one this week, but it's well worth listening to if you have the patience. I promise, I've been working on my excited voice. Enjoy!

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Category:History -- posted at: 8:22 PM

  • Echoing David Ford above, the Battle on the Plains of Abraham at Quebec was the pivotal moment in the N American portion of the war and probably all of Canadian history. The combatants (Wolfe v Montcalm)did one of the few European style set-piece battles with Montcalm leaving the fortress of Quebec to gallantly take on Wolfe whose troops had climbed an unscalable cliff. Had Montcalm not been so gallant/foolhardy things may have ended up quite different. Worthy of a "mind-map" I thought. Regardless, loved the Prussian stuff (don't hear much about that here. Keep up the good work

    posted by: D Fischer on 2012-11-13 01:15:53

  • You did commit a real howler in this episode. You stated that the English took Montreal, the capital of New France. In point of fact they took Quebec, the city of Montreal not actually being in existence at that time.

    posted by: David Ford on 2012-10-04 05:18:11

  • Just discovered the podcast, and am REALLY ENJOYING it. Here's a fact that you didn't mention, but as a native of the Pittsburgh area, I figured worth a mention. You do know where Pittsburgh gets its name from, right? From Prime Minister William Pitt, naturally, as he was the PM when the British took the fortress back from the French. The French had named it Fort Duquesne, (pronounced du-KANE), which is a name for a Pittsburgh area university, and is generally associated with the city as a name, much like Gotham means New York City. And, if you look at the city name Edinburgh, you see where the -burgh part of Pittsburgh comes from.

    posted by: B. Minich on 2012-09-17 03:03:13

  • Awww thanks VMS, this is the kind of feedback that encourages the weary podcaster to continue working with his craft. Thanks for your patience too, it is true, I do feel like I sometimes zoom too far ahead and need to slow down, but this is very much a learning process for me. Fantastic? Who me? Aww shucks!

    posted by: Zack Twamley on 2012-07-12 21:24:11

  • Zack you are fantastic, i'm really enjoying the podcasts, found the seven years war one a bit hard to follow but i was probably high on sugar and caffeine, you will make a great teacher, I had a great history teacher in secondary school and I've kept up my interest since and I'm heading towards the big 50 soon, keep up the good work, from your new friends in the sunny south :-)

    posted by: VMS Cork on 2012-07-12 19:56:58

  • Hey Kevin, yeah absolutely, the Boer War is on my radar after I get back to that era and the Great Northern War will likely be released after the one I'm doing now: the War of the Spanish Succession. Thanks!

    posted by: Zack Twamley on 2012-06-27 17:25:09

  • I really enjoy the podcast. You said you had covered most of the little wars prior to WWI, but do you plan on covering the The Boar War? Some other topics of interest may be The Spanish Civil War; The War of 1812, the Great Northern War (Sweeden & Russia) and maybe a big long episode on Napoleon. Thanks much! Kevin

    posted by: Kevin on 2012-06-27 17:13:42

  • Jeremy you are in luck, the next episode I have planned is the War of the Spanish Succession. In retrospect, I probably should have done them all in chronological order, but I was just itching to do the SYW so felt I had to do it first. Yes the diplomacy is amazing, almost as good as before WW1.

    posted by: Zack Twamley on 2012-06-23 11:26:55

  • Zack, I have been enjoying the podcasts. I was hoping you would do the Seven Years War and am glad you chose it so soon. I can hope that the War of Spanish Succession and War of Austrian Succession will come soon?? The diplomatic meanderings in this age are amazing and it seems, ever changing.

    posted by: Jeremy on 2012-06-23 03:18:51

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